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general info

  • Consultations and estimates are always free.

  • My studio can fit up to a 4-piece band. There are off-site options for larger groups.

  • I can work with any budget. No project is too small.

  • Rates are negotiated per project. I will deal with you straight and honest to be sure costs and expectations align, and that you get the best results possible.

  • In addition to the list below, I offer training for any of the work I do. Including software, engineering & recording, and how systems work.


  • Complete audio support for your small & medium sized events or gigs. Includes PA, mics, sound check, mixing, ambient music, set-up and tear-down, etc.
  • Recording. Live performance or in a studio setting. Bands, solo artists, choirs, voice overs, sound effects, ADR for film & television, etc.
  • Tracking instruments & vocals, remote collaboration, overdubbing...Import/export
  • Full music production, start to finish
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Repairing, restoring, remastering all types of audio recordings
  • Audio editing for a variety of needs
  • Creating sound effects to order
  • Sound systems for venues, schools, houses of worship, businesses, industrial, indoor, outdoor, residential, home theatre, restaurants, bars, clubs
  • Custom designs to specific audio needs
  • Installation and set up your system
  • Repair, replace, or upgrade your existing system
  • Designing and building custom home studios to suit personal needs
  • Working within any budget and space requirements, from small podcast set-ups to full scale, multi-room production studios.​
  • I also work as a composer and sound designer. More info on that here